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Prosecutor Defender Counselor The Memoirs of Robert B. Fiske Jr.

by Robert B. Fiske Jr.

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"Bob Fiske is an American legal legend, and his memoirs provide a fascinating review of his cases and controversies. Reading his book is a reminder that decency, hard work and intelligence can still produce a brilliant career.”

Jeffrey Toobin, author of The Nine and The Oath

“Bob Fiske is a role model for anyone engaged in public service or in the private practice of law. I have long admired, and sought to emulate, his rare combination of legal skill, personal integrity and good judgment. His life story is an inspiration to all Americans, not just those directly involved in the private or public practice of law.”

Senator George J. Mitchell

“With his storied career and sterling reputation across the political aisle for rectitude, tenacity and smarts, Robert Fiske shows us in this book why he has set the gold standard for a career in law. From United States Attorney to Independent Counsel to trusted advisor at the highest levels, Fiske proves that a great lawyer in private practice can also greatly serve the public intersect. This book is a must read for any budding lawyer.”

Dan Abrams, “ Nightline" anchor and Chief Legal Affairs anchor for ABC

“You meet rogues and pillars of the bar and both may wind up your friends in the long run,” says Fiske in these delightful memoirs of a thoughtful, caring, brilliant leader of the legal profession. And meet them we do – at disco clubs, boardrooms, courtrooms, and, of course, in the Whitewater investigation (in which Fiske plays pickup hockey at the only ice rink in the state of Arkansas). Woven throughout the stories are Fiske’s love for family, government service, the professional development of young lawyers, Michigan Law School – and life.”

Mark D. West, Dean of Michigan Law School

“This is a must read for those who believe in the Profession and eschew the idea that law firms are nothing but a business focusing on the bottom line. The Profession, as you’ll learn from Fiske’s career is about doing justice, one case at a time. It’s about fighting injustice with all the energy one can muster. You’ll enjoy every minute of the book. And you’ll learn what it is to be the consummate professional.”

– Brendan V. Sullivan, Jr., Williams & Connolly LLP